Planetary Systems: Xiu VII, The COLONIES, joint EA/MCC

XIU VII ist das letzte von fünf Systemen auf dem „Five-Stop-Corridor“, einer Handelsroute, die aus dem CORE an den Rand der COLONIES führt.

Region: The COLONIES
System: Xiu VII
Suns: Red Star
Orbital Position: 3rd
Moons: 1
System Features: 4 Orbits (Hot rockball, Desert planet, Xiu VII with 1 moon, Asteroid belt)
Astronomical Name: BD-12° 4523
Rotational Period: 34 Erd-Standard-Stunden
Orbital Period: 296 Erd-Standard-Tage

Xiu VII (BD-12° 4523)

Class: K
Diameter: 12.500M
Atmosphere: Type 1 (breathable)
Climate: Tropical
Gravity: Standard
Primary Terrain: Jungle, lush forests

Native Species: none
Immigrated Species: Humans
Primary Languages: Franglic
Government: joint EA/MCC
Population: 660k (500k Xiu VII, 150k+ Shuq-shu)
Major Imports: Heavy Machinery, Prefab Construction Elements
Major Exports: Food, Water, Xiu Wood

Affiliation: joint EA/MCC

Major Locations: Xiu Xiu, Fukuoka (MCC), Sung Kiang (EA), Shuqu-shu (Ocean moon)
Technology: Spacefaring
Spaceport: Standard Class
History: XIU VII wurde 2.176 AD/20 PE erstmals im Zuge der Erschließung der heute als „Five-Stop-Corridor“ bekannten Handelsroute besiedelt.

Notable Characters: –

Orbital Position: 3th Planet, Moon – SHUQ-SHU

Class: Terrestrial, oceans
Diameter: 4.000km
Atmosphere: breathable
Climate: Tropical
Gravity: Standard
Primary Terrain: Oceans

Native Species: None
Immigrated Species: Humans
Primary Languages: Franglic
Government: joint EA/MCC
Population: 150.000+
Major Imports: Heavy Machinery, Spare parts
Major Exports: Algae, Fish, Starship Fuel

Affiliation: joint EA/MCC

Major Locations: Shuq-shu (Spaceport)
Technology: Spacefaring
Spaceport: Standard class

Notable Characters: none

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